Monday, December 29, 2008

Challah Head Challah

So what did I do on Christmas day itself? No, I did not sing Dragonball Z's opening song, Cha La Head Cha La.

Instead, I made my first Challah~ ^^ I managed to find a decent challah recipe online and wasted no time in trying the recipe. I decided to make a 6-braided challah as I find that it looks nice. You may be wondering where did I learn how to braid breads...stay tuned and you'll find out!

Ingredients for the bread include plain flour, eggs, salt, sugar, olive oil, water and yeast.

The dough is pretty wet with the amount of eggs, olive oil and water in it. -_-

Used a scraper to knead the dough by folding it onto itself as the conventional kneading method cannot be done as the dough is too wet and sticky.

Finally the dough is ready for proofing for 1 hour!

After the first proofing, the dough is punched down and left to proof for another 30 min.

The dough in its 2nd proofing. Still sticky and I wonder can I really turn it into a challah....

Add ImageAfter the 2nd proof, the dough is divided into 6 equal portions. Plain flour is dusted over the dough to make it less sticky.

The 6 doughs are slowly rolled to about 50-60cm in length for the braiding process. My rolling skills need to be improved as the thicknesses for the 6 doughs are not uniform -_-''

The 6 rolled doughs were laid side by side and one end pinched together. YY helped me to hold the pinched end while I braided the dough to form the challah. The challah is then brushed with a layer of egg wash and left to rise for another hour.

Another layer of egg wash is applied to the challah after the 1 hour of rising to give the challah a lacquered, dark brown look after baking. The challah is then baked in a 190°C oven for about 25-30 min.

The finished challah! Nice brown colour and the braid design is fully visible. Smells DAMN good!

The crumb of the challah is nicely structured as well~ ^__^

The challah is very soft and fluffy, slightly sweet and has a nice eggy taste. *SLURP* It stayed soft even after 3 days. O.o

Ok...wondered where I learnt to braid? I learnt from this video:

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