Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Home made arcade style joystick - Finishing touches and after thoughts

Using Decorative paper

With the joystick complete, it is time to make it look nicer ^_^

I used a roll of decorative paper bought by my mum to beautify my joystick. These decorative paper can be found easily at stationery shops and Daiso.

Nice colour and design ^_^

As my joysitck were secured together using butt joints, to make the joystick look better, I decided that the decorative paper to be glued on to give the illusion that the joints were miter joints instead.

Although the decorative paper has an adhesive layer at the back, it is not strong enough for the paper to be stuck permanently to my joystick as the surface is rough. Hence, I used white glue (undiluted) to help in gluing the paper.

Using a ruler to help even out the decorative paper to remove any creases.

Applying white glue by finger on the bottom of the joystick. I added the rubber pads so that the joystick will be slip-free.

"Miter-joint looking" due to the how the adhesive paper was cut and glued onto the joystick.

For the part where the cable sticks out, due to the nature of the hole/slot for the cable, an offset cut in the decorative paper was done instead of a straight cut so that the cable hole/slot can be covered nicely and completely.

Cable hole/slot opening and the comaprison between offset cut and straight cut.

How the offset cut looks like after it was glued.

The final look of the joystick!

After Thoughts

If you really think hard, plan hard and actually put down the time and effort to do something, you'll eventually do that something right. No point just sitting down and only THINK. Thoughts do not materialise unless you really put your thoughts into actions.

This project really gave me the confidence to do up another joystick somewhere early next year. The 2nd joystick is already in design stage so stay tuned!

After the 2nd joystick is done, the challenging project for nex year will be:

A home made 2-players Beatmania IIDX controller for the PS2! Now, THIS will be the real challenge.

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